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In partnership with the Purpose Project and What Now, we have created an immersive program to help guide your awareness towards true intentional living, and to reclaim your attention for the things that truly matter to you. The Hydrean is a tactile mindfulness tool accompanied by a series of guided meditation sessions specifically designed to help you create a mental space to perceive, reflect, and connect to what matters most.

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Blog: The Art of Mindfulness

The Science Behind How Mindful Meditation Changes Your Brain

Oct 08, 2021

As the world becomes more introspective, the term mindfulness has become somewhat of a buzzword. However, many don’t realize that the notion is backed by hard science. According to a recent study, there is strong evidence that practicing being in the moment – without judgement – changes the brain for the better.

Be Here Now: Tips For Staying in the Present

Sep 24, 2021

You’re likely reading this because you’ve set the intention of being more present in your daily life by adopting the principles of mindfulness. However, between simultaneously juggling work, life and family, you’ve realized it’s easier said than done. We’ve all been there! 

The Endless Benefits of Living Life in the Present

Sep 20, 2021

Most of us spend our lives in the pursuit of happiness, looking to the future to find joy or reflecting on the past to avoid making the same mistakes. However, little do we know that happiness can be found right in front of us if we only just take a moment to pause and take in the present.

Learn to Become More Focused at Work

Aug 25, 2021

It’s estimated that the average person will spend 90,000 hours of their time at work – that’s one-third of their lifetime. Needless to say, it’s no secret that your job can have a massive impact on your quality of life. 

Finding Meaning in the Mundane

Aug 22, 2021

Whether it’s failing to focus on an important task because your brain keeps replaying scenes from your favorite new show in your head, or finding yourself having to re-read the lines in the new book you’re trying to put a dent in because you’re imagining when the pandemic will end so you can start planning that long-deserved trip to Maui — we’re all guilty of a wandering mind.

Building Mindfulness Through Sensory Experience

Aug 12, 2021

Do you remember the last time you were caught in an unexpected rainstorm? Becoming drenched without your consent probably irked you. Did you rush to seek shelter, cursing as you had to jump over puddles while wondering how long it would take for your wet clothes to dry? Now, try to think of the last time you saw a child in the rain… 

Understanding the Art of Mindfulness

Aug 02, 2021

If you think about it, human beings are natural time travellers. No, we don’t mean physically travelling back to the future. Instead, we all have the ability to jump unconsciously into a future that has yet to happen or quickly slip into the past.

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