How to Kickstart Your Meditation Journey

Many don’t realize that meditation is an actual science. Some researchers say it’s as beneficial to the body as exercise. And, if it’s applied correctly, meditation can change your life for the better.

From a mental health perspective, meditation can help prevent and minimize damage caused by mental conditions. It can also help teach you to manage stress and anxiety better. By training your mind to relax, focus and concentrate on the present – when practiced regularly – mediation can become a loving, nurturing and clarifying experience.

It can also deepen one’s connection to the Universe, making you feel more centered and grounded which naturally activates the sensation of wellbeing. The only problem: many don’t know where to begin.

Make it a Habit

We all have to start somewhere – and the best place to is by finding the right time to meditate. Ask yourself when your mind is at its calmest – either first thing in the morning or right before you go to bed. Then, dedicate 10-20 minutes each day to practicing meditation (even if it’s just for two minutes initially and working your way up). This should be done while sitting down on the ground or in your favorite chair. While it may be tempting to want to lie down, if you do, you may fall asleep. So stick to a hard or solid surface and, if you must lie down, only do it on the days you have more energy.  

Find The Right Method

There are hundreds of different kinds of mediation that you can practice to relax your mind. It’s all about trial and error and finding the best one that works for you. The most common is a guided meditation that’s ideal for beginners and intermediates.

As the name implies, these soundbites can help guide you through the process of meditation which makes the chances of your thoughts wandering off even slimmer. Using the art of visualization, where you manifest your goals, guided meditation helps you relax your mind and body.

Another popular method is silent meditation. However, it’s likely the hardest for beginners to master. It involves trying not to think of anything for a set period by silencing your mind. This is, of course, almost impossible as our thoughts always have a way of sneaking back into our conscience. However, its aim is to teach you to notice how your thoughts move from one topic to another, and to separate you from having any judgement. It also trains you how to focus your attention back on your breath.

Know That There’s No Right Way

Most beginners worry that they aren’t meditating correctly as they don’t feel a sudden rush of clarity or have an awakening. However, it’s important to note that everyone’s experience of meditation is entirely personal. Like most things in life, it just takes a little time, patience and practice. Consistency is key. As long as you make a continued effort to incorporate it into your daily routine – even in short bursts – then you will reap the benefits.

Remain Curious

See meditation as a chance to open your awareness to the world around you. Don’t see it as an obligation. Bring a sense of curiosity with you. Notice how your body feels and how your mind responds as you relax your mind. Become aware of how meditation makes you feel and which emotions it evokes. By retaining a sense of curiosity and focusing inward, you become more mindful of your meditation experience. This inadvertently allows you to relax, bringing with it a wave of clarity.

The Sensory Tool to Help You Master Meditation

The Hydrean is a sensory token, created to help you become more mindful during your meditation sessions. Using your sense of touch, the Hydrean acts as a primary tool to help pull you back to the present when your thoughts start running off with you whilst meditating. Its primary goal is to aid you in building a simple routine to help you stay centered and grounded.

Used in conjunction with guided mediation sessions, you simply hold the Hydrean in your hand. Then, observe its features in detail, exploring the sensory device with your fingertips. From there, follow the steps in our guided mediation sessions to unlock the sanctuary within.