How Mindfulness Can Help You Achieve Your Goals in 2022

After another doozy of a year, we’ve finally made it to 2022! Well, almost.

As the year that was begins to wrap, now is the perfect time to reflect on what you most wanted to accomplish in 2021, what you were able to get done, and what you learned about yourself from both a professional and personal standpoint.

This contemplation will naturally lead you to your New Year’s Resolutions. However, instead of making the same old promises to yourself that you’re likely not to keep, we urge you to set mindful goals instead. Life is about so much more than crossing a metaphorical finish line…

Visualization Lead to Manifestation

By visualizing what it is you want to manifest in the next year, you’re far more likely to make it happen. The power of the mind is an astonishing thing and, when coupled with mindfulness techniques, it can increase your ability towards creating the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Setting goals for 2022 is the catalyst that will make this happen. When applied mindfully, with focus and without judgement, you can achieve the goals you set for yourself.

Here are some tips to help you get started with visualizing your goals:

  1. There must be an area in your life that you believe needs some work. Sitting in a quiet spot, concentrate on the one thing that you’ve been struggling with or the part of your life that you’d like to experience some form of transformation.
  1. Now, begin to imagine the best possible outcome that can be derived from the situation six to 12 months from now. Imagine living your life the way you have always envisioned. If all your hopes and dreams were to come true, what would that look like? Picture it and try not to get too caught up in any limitations or negative mind talk coming in the way of your dreams. Instead, allow your mind to get carried away with your greatest aspirations. Feels good, doesn’t it?
  1. Next, connect with one goal you would like to achieve in the next three months. Make it a meaningful one where the end result generates a high level of accomplishment. Run the goal through your mind without thinking of the hurdles it may take to achieve it. Hold it in your thoughts
  1. Now that you’ve connected with your goal, imagine what your life will be like once you have accomplished it. Create a scene in your mind and step inside it. Using your five senses (taste, touch, sight, sound, smell), try and recreate how it will feel to achieve your goal. Who is there with you? Where are you? What is happening around you? Picture it in your mind’s eye like it’s already happening.
  1. Next, step out of the movie you’ve created in your mind and imagine floating up in the air above where you are now, taking the mental image with you. Take a deep breath in, and as you exhale, use your breath to fuel the image, filling it with positive energy and intention. Repeat this five times.
  1. Now, picture yourself achieving this goal at a certain time and date in the near future. Write it down or memorize when you expect it to happen. Remove all doubt when doing so.  
  1. Picture all the steps you need to take between now and then to support you in accomplishing your goal. Visualize this process to make it feel real. Make sure your expectations are realistic, then map out how you plan to accomplish each step.
  1. Once you feel your goal has been set, with your eyes still closed, consider the small steps you will need to take in the next week to move you closer to your goal. Even if it’s a minor movement toward achieving it, don’t wait until 2022 to set the intention towards manifesting your goal into a reality.
  1. Take a few deep breaths to ground yourself before opening your eyes. Write down your list of action steps and keep a journal close by to monitor your progress. If you ever feel deterred, or an obstacle gets in the way, reread your intention and picture it once more following the steps above, in your mind’s eye.
  1. Lastly, remember to maintain your focus. Every single day, do something that moves you closer to realizing your goal and living your dream. Even if it’s taking time to be mindful, and reminding yourself of the utmost sense of joy that comes with that feeling of accomplishment.


Here’s to a prosperous, fulfilling year ahead! Find out how the Hydrean can help you set and achieve your 2022 goals: