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The Hydrean is an ingenious mindfulness method designed for anyone, anywhere, and anytime. Its tactile design and intuitive features help to guide your awareness towards intentional living. The Hydrean offers an instant sanctuary within you; a calm mental space to perceive, reflect, and contemplate the world anew, and connect to what matters most. Let your fingers guide your perception and start to think differently.


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An ingenious tool that has the power to change the way we perceive the world. A device that enables us to think differently. But above all, the Hydrean contributes to a richer, deeply-sensed reality.

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Regular practice will make your Hydrean an invaluable companion for years to come

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Hydrean LLC is an ethical company. The Company is following a unique business model, that promotes social consciousness and equality, officially named ‘The Good Cause’, and casually referred to as the ‘Greed-Cap’.

The Good Cause