• Reclaim your attention.

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Attention is our most precious resource.

An elegant solution

Simple design with endless possibilities.

Each Hydrean is accompanied by a basic routine.

You can also customize each unique feature (numbered below) to create a truly personalized routine that fit your needs.

Disconnect to Reconnect.

We created the Hydrean to help guide your awareness towards true intentional living, and to reclaim your attention for the things that truly matter to you.

Its simple (and patented) design allows you to personalize your mindfulness routine, completely disconnected from the digital world. No more apps or noise. Just you and the Hydrean in your hand.

Our purpose.

We set out on a mission to create a solution that would answer the call for those of us seeking a stronger, more critical sense of mindfulness.

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A unique company.

Hydrean LLC is an ethical company. The Company is following a unique business model, that promotes social consciousness and equality, officially named ‘The Good Cause’, and casually referred to as the ‘Greed-Cap’.

The Good Cause