Our story

A tool for growing awareness

In 2016, world-renowned artist Michael Kliën, set out to create a tool that would answer the call for those of us seeking a stronger, more critical sense of mindfulness. Studying various religious meditation devices, he quickly realized the lack of secular tools to open and aid perception, and immediately got to work on creating a solution. Applying his artistic expertise, the idea of the Hydrean was finally born on the magnificent Greek island of Hydra and given shape at Duke University in 2017.

“A tool that has the power to change the way we perceive the world and one that enables us to think and act differently. But above all, the Hydrean contributes to a richer, deeply-sensed reality.”

“[…] I felt very, very much at ease in Hydra, […] every corner, every vision—just looking at the corner of your eye—whatever you saw, whatever you felt, whatever you held was beautiful.”
—Leonard Cohen