How do you pronounce ‘Hydrean’?
The original pronunciation is Hee-dre-an, but Hei-dre-an is equally acceptable.

How long will it take me to learn the method?
Most people start using the Hydrean within three minutes, ready to follow at least some of the instructions. Daily practice will allow you to deepen your experience. We encourage you to start with a daily ten-minute routine in the first month, thereafter you will be confident to adjust the practice to your needs.

I don't understand the instructions, can you help?
If you are overwhelmed by the written instructions, we encourage you to listen to the sound files on the the How it works page. If you still a little lost why don't you contact us—we will help you!

How often should I use the Hydrean?
There is no prescribed time. Some people enjoy using the Hydrean randomly (i. e. whilst waiting for the bus or in a queue) and others reserve 10—15 minutes for a focused session. We do both.

How do I hold the Hydrean?
Most people find it the easiest to put two fingers (index and middle finger) through the wheel whilst letting the thumb doing the ‘sensing’. However, there is no ‘right’ way.

Where on the Hydrean do I start my routine?
Start and finish anywhere. There is no proscribed way. In fact, you might use a different starting point every time and finish whenever, wherever.

Do I need to have any experience in meditation or mindfulness?
Absolutely not. People of all ages can pick up the instruction in a few minutes. The method equally appeals to novices as well as proficient meditators.

Is everything I will need included in the box?
Yes. The box comes with the Hydrean, an instruction card as well as a cord in case you want to wear it as a pendant.

How do I care for my Hydrean?
If exposed to saltwater do wash and dry it thereafter. Otherwise the material requires little day-to-day attention.

Who invented the Hydrean?
The Hydrean was invented by world renowned choreographer and artist Michael Kliën. He was looking for a method to cultivate awareness and break our ingrained day-to-day patterns of perception. Learn more about his work:

How do I carry the Hydrean with me?
You can take it in your pocket, purse or wallet, but quite a few like to wear it as a pendant. We ship the Hydrean with a black cord just in case you do.

Are there variations to the instruction?
The basic score is outlined on the How it works page, however, directions can be adapted to individual needs. There will also be additional instructions and ideas published regularly on social media by us and users. If interested, make sure you follow us on Facebook and Instagram.