The Hydrean

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Hydrean is a mindful necklace and deep breathing tool to help you take control of your stress and anxiety. Its patented design and intuitive features allows you to create a mental space to perceive, reflect, and connect to what matters most.

Deep breathing and mindfulness practice is one of the best ways to manage stress, and Hydrean serves as a constant, physical, reminder for you to take the time for yourself. Its timeless design and aesthetics is a fashion jewelry statement in itself.

We are a non-medical alternative to addressing anxiety and stress, focused on you. With the Hydrean, you are no longer bound to a place, or a time, but can take your mindfulness practice while on the go.

## Hear it from our customers:

## Environmentally-conscious packaging, ~100% biodegradable.

## What's included:

- An original, gold-plated Hydrean, crafted and hand polished
- Get Started guide to help you get the most out of your Hydrean
- 24" braided twine - turn your Hydrean into a pendant

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