The Good Cause

Hydrean LCC is an ethical company

The Company is following a unique business model, that promotes social consciousness and equality, officially named ‘The Good Cause’, and casually referred to as the ‘Greed-Cap’.

Short version

‘The Good Cause’ ensures that after an initial period of profit the company will irrevocably transform into a business, whose profit is solely and its entirety dedicated to improve the life of others.

Little longer version

From its inception, the company has a clause built into its constitution that ensures, that once a pre-agreed threshold of profit (payable to all partners) has been reached, 100% of all future profits will be used for philanthropic causes. Forecasts predict, that we could reach the threshold around 2023. Thereafter all profits from the Hydrean will be invested into visionary social projects. This unique model enables various partners to be paid for their work, vision and investments, whilst safeguarding that each and every purchase of the Hydrean will eventually work to improve the life of people in need.