Mindfulness & The Law of Attraction

Like attracts like. This is the basis for the universal Law of Attraction. The thoughts you think and emotions you harbor emit certain vibrations. When they are sent out into the universe, like vibrations are sent back to you.

As detailed in the best-selling book The Secret, by consciously using the Law of Attraction to project onto the universe all the things you want (and that you see yourself having), you can learn to attract the life you truly desire.

Fundamentally, if your predominant thoughts and emotions are positive, then you will be attracting a lot of positive things to your life. Wealth, love, success, happiness. Conversely, negative thoughts and emotions result in negative things being drawn to you.

Great Expectations

Our thoughts and emotions work like magnets, and expectation is a powerful conduit for the Law of Attraction. Just as you wouldn’t question the Law of Gravity, by asking for the things you truly desire and expecting them to arrive, you set off a natural chain of events that will ultimately result in you receiving what you want.

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But, it is possible to attain the life you want. You just need to ensure your thoughts are in sync with your body — which can be the hard part.

That’s where mindfulness comes in.

Good Vibrations

Even if you’ve had a bad day and you feel enveloped in a blanket of negativity, mindfulness can help you shift your thought process, putting it into the right space for positive manifestation. By practicing short bursts of mindfulness throughout the day, you can get yourself into the best ‘zone’ to be sending out good vibrations.

Mindfulness teaches us to become more aware of our internal emotions, as well as how to control our dominant thoughts at any given time.

So, by using mindfulness to control your thoughts, you’re better able to shift them toward positivity and desire whilst shutting out negative mind talk. In-turn, you’re better able to send out the good vibrations that the Law of Attraction craves, reaffirming to the universe what it is you truly want.

Mindfulness & Manifestation

From expressing gratitude to mindful eating and being more observant in your daily life, there are a handful of various practices you can adopt daily to tap into a more mindful state, setting off the frequencies you need for positive manifestation to occur:

  • Mindful Observation: Pick either a beautiful scene or an object around you like a shell or flower from your garden. For as long as you can, try to focus all your attention on that particular scene/object, like you’re seeing it for the first time. The point of this exercise to help you fully connect with the world around you, elevating your vibration by giving you a boost of positivity and appreciation.
  • Body Scanning: Spend a few minutes slowly moving your awareness to your body. Starting at the tip of your toes and working your way up to your head, notice if there is any discomfort in your joints. Do any muscles feel stiff? Imagine the tension in your body slowly releasing, allowing you to manifest positivity from the core of your very being.
  • Energy Appreciation: A large part of understanding the Law of Attraction involves becoming aware of the fact that energy is all around us, and that we have the ability to connect to it. Take some time each day to sit and relax, whilst imagining yourself slowly melting into everything around you. In time, doing this exercise can leave you feeling at one with your environment. Understanding the interconnectedness of all the energy around you will help you tap into the vibrations of the Law of Attraction.
  • Eat with Meaning: While humans fundamentally enjoy the pleasure that comes with eating, many of us forget to truly taste our food and appreciate every mouthful. Instead, we allow our thoughts or surroundings to hijack our attention from eating our food. The key to mindful eating is to each eat meal without distraction. No TV, talking, or browsing social media. The next time you sit down to eat, try and devote all your attention to the look, smell and texture of your food. Chew slowly and savor every bite… Not only will you notice how much better your food actually tastes, but you’ll see how filling and satisfying it is to eat this way.
  • Feel the Breeze: One of the quickest and easiest mindfulness techniques you can do straight away is, standing outside, feeling the air against your skin for at least a minute. This exercise acts as a powerful way to turn your brain into processing mode, wrenching it out of judging mode. This will subsequently help you move away from analytical thinking that’s easily clouded by a critical inner-voice.

Mindfulness is a key tool to tap into the Law of Attraction. Find out how the Hydrean can help you master the art so that you can start manifesting your dream life today.

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